Our history

Eliplast is the final result of fifty years of enterprising management with purposes of innovated programming and production process development. In the new factory of 12.000 sq. meters, the production is characterized by a complet integration of different manufacturing lines in continuos operating cycle, supported and controlled by sophisticated electronic systems.
Eliplast is in possession of an enviable know-how in the most up-to-date processes related to manufacture, coloration, finishing and assembling of an infinity of plastic household articles, to be utilized for daily use at home, in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

All our complet range of production is represented in our catalogue, rich in original and creative solutions, with diversified and large range of forms, sizes, colours, regarding all our articles manufactured with the highest quality level.
Eliplast grants to the esteemed customers an accurate and specialized distribution politic, completed with a very professional “customer oriented” service.
Eliplast is a reality in continuos development and evolution, always looking forward to the future.